Vital statistics
Location Egerland, Bohemia
Position Town
Appearances A Scandal in Bohemia

Egria is a town in a German-speaking part of western Bohemia, not far from Carlsbad. It is notable as the site of the assassination of the Habsburg commander Albrecht von Wallenstein in 1634, as well as for its numerous glass factories and paper mills. Some of the paper made in this town bears the mark EgPGt (Eger-Papier-Gesellschaft), meaning "Egria Paper Company. In 1888 King Wilhelm of Bohemia used some paper from this city to write to Sherlock Holmes asking for assistance, inadvertently giving Holmes a clue about his true identity.


  • This town is in fact Cheb (German: Eger) in the modern Czech Republic. Where Conan Doyle got the name Egria from is unknown: it is perhaps a corruption of the city's Latin name, Egra.

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