Duke Landers
Vital statistics
Sex Male
Nationality American
Occupation Attorney
Behind the scenes
Appearances "Dead Man's Switch"
Portrayed by Wayne Duvall

Harold "Duke" Landers is an attorney in New York City. He affects a Western image, wearing cowboy boots and referring to himself as "Sheriff Duke."

While watching Charles Milverton's residence, Alfredo Llamosa saw Landers stop by, and recognized him from Landers's late-night TV commercials.

When interviewed, Landers at first claimed not to know Milverton, but Holmes examined his diploma from St. James University's School of Law, quickly denouncing it as a forgery. Holmes threatened to call the state's unified court system to check if Landers was actually a licensed attorney, whereupon Landers hastily admitted to knowing Charles Milverton. A few years earlier, Landers had defended Milverton on a DWI charge, and Milverton convinced Landers to share any sensitive information about Landers's other clients as potential blackmail material. Landers admitted to this much, but swore that he was not the "fail-safe" accomplice Milverton referenced in his letters to his numerous blackmail victims.

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