Dr. Joanna Holmes
Vital statistics
Sex Female
Spouse Robert Holmes
Children Shirley Holmes
Family Peggy Holmes (mother in law)
Behind the scenes
Appearances The Adventures of Shirley Holmes
Portrayed by Elizabeth Shepherd

Dr. Joanna Holmes is the mother of Shirley Holmes, wife of Robert Holmes and daughter in law to Peggy Holmes.


Joanna Holmes was at the peak of her career as a world renowned virologist when she was sent to Rwanda to try and isolate a virus that was killing thousand of people.

The assignment was for three months, after which she was due back home.. except she never made it. Fighting had broken out into a civil war and the fighting had occurred on one of the camps and many people were killed. Her body was never discovered, but she was presumed to be among the dead.

The Holmes family all miss Joanna terribly. Robert has tried hard to reconcile himself to the fact that she's gone, but Shirley can't and won't. Shirley's gut feeling is that there's a chance - just a chance - that her mother is still alive.

She, Shirley, and Robert are reunited when Mr. Holmes is offered the chance to go to Rwanda on business. It is often said that Shirley shares her curiosity and determination to never give up.