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Devon Gaspar
Devon gaspar
Vital statistics
Sex Male
Nationality British
Occupation Agent
Behind the scenes
Appearances "Risk Management"
"The Diabolical Kind"
Portrayed by Adam Godley (voice over)
Andrew Howard
Holmes: "I have maintained a relationship with Moriarty, which in turns should make it easier to learn what Faux-riarty is up to."
Watson: "Faux-riarty?"
Holmes: "The man who pretended to be Moriarty. Do you have a better name for him?"
Sherlock Holmes and Joan Watson discuss Devon Gaspar[src]

Devon Gaspar was a former British military intelligence officer turned criminal who once worked for Jamie Moriarty.


Gaspar worked for Moriarty and acted as a disguise for her when she had to deal with people involved in her criminal empire. She used him for two reasons: to avoid meeting face-to-face with someone and to not let Moriarty's gender get in the way of business. She eventually used him to call Sherlock and to give him a case. ("Risk Management")

After Moriarty was caught, Gaspar kidnapped Moriarty's daughter and asked for a ransom both of money and of information. Moriarty escaped her prison and killed him and his accomplices. ("The Diabolical Kind")

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