Daniel Gottlieb
Daniel Gottlieb
Vital statistics
Sex Male
Occupation Assassin
Behind the scenes
Appearances "A Landmark Story"
Portrayed by F. Murray Abraham

Daniel Gottlieb is an assassin who was employed by Moriarty. He specialised in making deaths look like fatal accidents. By his own account, Gottlieb had killed a total of 31 people.

Before becoming an assassin, Gottlieb was a serial killer. When Moriarty took notice of Gottlieb eight years prior to A Landmark Story, she sent her agent to contact him. At the time, Gottlieb was working as an engineer. At one point, while working in London, Gottlieb got a contract to kill Sherlock and even drew up plans for an accidental overdose, but the hit was cancelled. After being tracked down by Sherlock Holmes and Joan Watson, he was taken to Sherlock's brownstone for interrogation.

After faking a distress call from Gottlieb using his phone, Sherlock and Joan tracked down another agent and followed him in Joan's car to a meeting of Moriarty's agents. Sherlock's vision was blocked from seeing the meeting by a train. After taking and combining photos of a face of a man, Sherlock showed Gottlieb who confirmed this was the man who contacted him. The man turned out to be John Douglas, another agent of Moriarty's.

Known victims Edit

  • 29 unnamed people
  • Phillip Van Der Hoff (hacked his pacemaker, causing a heart attack)
  • Robert Baumann (dropped an AC unit on him)
  • Hillary Taggart (attempted; intended for her to die of an allergic reaction caused by a bee sting)

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