DI Hopkins
Hopkins Matsuura
Vital statistics
Sex Female
Nationality British
Affiliation New Scotland Yard
Occupation Detective Inspector
Behind the scenes
Appearances "The Six Thatchers"
Portrayed by Eleanor Matsuura

DI Stella Hopkins is a Detective Chief Inspector at New Scotland Yard.

She first appears in "The Six Thatchers", where she is seen consulting with Sherlock about her Police cases via Video chat. These cases are part of a montage of Sherlock solving case and therefore can be counted as Off-screen cases as we don't know much about them aside from one of them being called "The Canary Trainer".

She later visits Baker street in person to try and gain Sherlock's help with finding a missing Pearl case but Sherlock isn't interested and dismisses her.

Whilst at Baker street waiting to consult with Sherlock, She chats with fellow Scotland Yard DI, Greg Lestrade, who she seems friendly and familiar with. A reference in The Lying Detective suggests that she and Greg Lestrade are romantically involved.


  • It's possible that she's Lestrade's ex-wife.