Country church
St Mary's Pyrton
Vital statistics
Location English countryside
Position Anglican church
Appearances Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows

This country church was located somewhere in the English countryside outside of London. It was the site of the wedding of Dr John Watson to Miss Mary Morstan.

A Game of Shadows

Following Watson's disastrous bachelor party, Sherlock Holmes drove him in his car to this church for his wedding to Mary. Many of the couple's friends and relations were in attendance, including Mrs Hudson, a number of army men, and Watson's dog Gladstone.

Following the service, Holmes was approached by Sebastian Moran. Moran indicated that Professor Moriarty was expecting to see Holmes that afternoon at Cambridge, following his lectures, and Holmes agreed to go see him.


  • The wedding scene was filmed at St Mary's Church, located in the village of Pyrton in Oxfordshire. The church dates to the twelfth century, though it was extensively renovated in the mid nineteenth century. Wikipedia link.

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