The Countess of Morcar
Vital statistics
Sex Female
Nationality British
Behind the scenes
Appearances "The Adventure of the Blue Carbuncle"

The Countess of Morcar was a British noblewoman and the rightful owner of the Blue Carbuncle, a rare gem of exceptional value. The stone was stolen from the Countess' room at the Hotel Cosmopolitan in London, and a plumber, John Horner, was arrested on suspicion of committing the crime. The countess offered a very large reward for its return, as apart from its inherent value she maintained some sentimental attachments to the gem.

A man named Peterson later found the stone in a Christmas goose, and delivered it to Sherlock Holmes, who informed him of its value and the Countess' large reward for its return. After some investigation Holmes discovers that it was stolen by James Ryder, an attendant at the hotel, and Catherine Cusack, the Countess' maid. The two conspired to frame Horner for the theft. Holmes wires to inform the Countess that her gem has been found, but lets Ryder go in the belief that sending him to jail would make him a hardened criminal. It is not revealed what Catherine Cusack's fate was, or if Holmes informed the Countess of her maid's treachery.

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