Connie Prince
Sherlock (2010)
Vital statistics
Sex Female
Died 2010
Nationality British
Family Kenny Prince (brother)
Occupation Makeover advice show host
Behind the scenes
Appearances "The Great Game"
Portrayed by Di Botcher

Connie Prince was a popular TV personality in the UK who had her own makeover advice show which attracted a lot of viewers. Since Dr John Watson refers to watching her show whilst being unemployed, it can be assumed that her show was a daytime/morning show, on whilst most of the population are at work. She had a brother named Kenny Prince who she did not appear to get along very well with, even though he is still seen appearing on her show. Connie also had her own website, related to her show.

Connie died after supposedly contracting tetanus while gardening.[1] In "The Great Game", Connie is given to Sherlock Holmes as his next puzzle to solve and he deduces that the tetanus was injected into her after death. Sherlock solves the puzzle, revealing that it was the housekeeper, Raoul de Santos, who committed the murder by increasing the dosage of her botox injections. The housekeeper did not like how Connie tormented him on TV. Kenny had threatened to leave, but de Santos had grown accustomed to the lifestyle, so he murdered Connie so he would not have to go.


  • Connie's age was a topic of much dispute amongst her fans.[2] Some fans believed her to be as young as 32, with her website stating she was 36 years old.[3] The news report that covered her death gave her age as 48, however the police report stated that she was 54.[1]


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