Christos Theophilis
Christos Theophilus
Vital statistics
Sex Male
Nationality Greek
Family Alethea (daughter)
Occupation Shipping Magnate
Behind the scenes
Appearances "Heroine"
Portrayed by Arnold Vosloo

Christos Theophilus, nicknamed The Narwhal for his past lavish lifestyle, was a Greek shipping magnate who was forcibly employed by Moriarty when she kidnapped his daughter.

Theophilus was forced to become a Greek nationalist when Andrej Bacera, a Macedonian ambassador who was involved in the Greek-Macedonian naming dispute, visited New York City for a United Nations meeting. He was to kill Bacera because of the naming dispute, stop Macedonia from being admitted to the European Union and be killed by Conroy, in return for which he was guaranteed his daughter would return to their home safely.