Charlie Severin
Guy Ritchie adaptations
Vital statistics
Sex Male
Died Deceased
Nationality British
Family Mary Watson (widower)
Occupation Doctor (according to Sherlock Holmes)
Behind the scenes
Appearances Sherlock Holmes (2009 film) (mentioned only)

Charlie Severin was Mary Watson's fiancé some time prior to her relationship with John Watson, a fact revealed during the dinner between the two and Sherlock Holmes.

Sherlock notes that Severin was particularly tall and of Mary's age. He mistakenly believes that the two had gotten into a dispute, hence her lavish necklace as a calming incentive, then notes a mark on her left hand, obviously the residue of an engagement ring from Charlie. He states that she discovered its value, leading to their break-up. Mary is infuriated, and clarifies that Charlie had died, ending their relationship. She then throws her drink in Sherlock's face and storms out of the restaurant, followed by John Watson.

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