Charles Augustus Milverton

Series 1, Episode 10

Air Date April 24, 1965
Writer Clifford Witting (script)
Anthony Read (script editor)
Director Philip Dudley
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Next "The Retired Colourman"

Charles Augustus Milverton is the tenth episode of the first series of the BBC's 1960s TV series Sherlock Holmes. The episode is based on the eponymous short story.


Actor Role
Douglas Wilmer Sherlock Holmes
Nigel Stock Doctor Watson
Barry Jones Charles Augustus Milverton
Penelope Horner Lady Eva Brackwell
Stephanie Bidmead Lady Farningham
Tony Steedman Lord Farningham
Derek Smee captain Fitzallen
Peter Madden inspector Lestrade
Ann Penfold Agatha
Ralph Tovey
John Murray Scott
Edward Brooks under-gardener
Jimmy Ashton Billy
Len Jones newsboy

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