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Carl Powers
Vital statistics
Sex Male
Nationality British
Born 1978
Died 1989
Occupation Student
Behind the scenes
Appearances The Great Game

Carl Powers was a school boy who died after what was thought to be a freak accident whilst on a school trip to a London swimming pool. At the time a young Sherlock thought the death was suspicious and tried to get the police involved but no one would listen.

Carl was used by Jim Moriarty as one of the puzzles Sherlock had to solve in "The Great Game". He died following the poisoning of his eczema medicine by Moriarty. Moriarty killed him because he laughed at him.

Sherlock reveals that Carl Powers was the case that got him started, he explains the case to John while they are travelling in a cab during 'The Great Game'. This shows that Sherlock and Moriarty's rivalry actually started way back but neither party was aware of the other's involvement in the case.


Carl was a boastful, talented athlete and had an acceptable physical condition. He was initially self-confident and seemed to disregard other people's feelings. He was also an arrogant bully, as he frequently mocked Moriarty which was the activity that spelled his demise. His biggest significance was that his death, the circumstances and the individual victim, was the first thing that inspired Sherlock Holmes to pursue criminology

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