Vital statistics
Location Sussex, England
Position Seaside resort town
Appearances Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows (mentioned)

Brighton is a seaside resort town on the coast of Sussex in southern England. The city is known for its beaches, pleasant weather, and bracing atmosphere, which first made it a popular health resort in the 18th century, with patronage including royalty. After connection to the rest of the country by rail in 1841, it emerged as a popular holiday spot for day-trippers from London and its surroundings, which prompted a construction boom that substantially improved the town.

Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows

After their wedding, Dr John Watson and his wife Mary intended to take their honeymoon to Brighton; however, their first-class coach on the South England Railway was hijacked by mercenaries in the employ of Professor James Moriarty, in retaliation for Sherlock Holmes' actions against him. Holmes, fortunately, had been expecting the attack, and as a result was able to save the couple.

After Moriarty's defeat, Watson and Mary finally did get to go to Brighton for their much delayed honeymoon.


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