Bo Sawchuk
Bo Sawchuk
Vital statistics
Sex Male
Behind the scenes
Appearances The Adventures of Shirley Holmes
Portrayed by John White

Francis Boris 'Bo' Sawchuk is a Canadian teenager who attends Sussex Academy, along with Shirley Holmes and most of the rest of the cast. Bo acts as the Watson to Shirley's Holmes, assisting her in solving the mystery of the week.

As a detective, Bo tends to jump to obvious conclusions, while Shirley is always challenging him to dig deeper. But to his credit he is new to this game and has a lot to learn. He has some very useful skills from his past life as a member of a street gang.

Character history

He first met Shirley in afterschool detention and was amazed at the girl detective's deductions about him. Shirley came to his aid after he was falsely accused of setting a work shed on campus on fire.At the end of the series, he leaves for Ukraine to further his studies.

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