Baskerville Hall
Baskerville Hall
Vital statistics
Location Grimpen, Dartmoor, England
Owner Sir Henry Baskerville
Appearances The Hound of the Baskervilles

Baskerville Hall was the ancestral home of the Baskerville family. After the mysterious death of Sir Charles Baskerville, it passed to his American nephew, Sir Henry.


The house was located in a depression in the moor and surrounded by stunted, withered trees. From the road, only its towers could be seen. The main gate to the house was ornate wrought-iron, and mounted on two weathered, lichen-spotted stone pillars topped with boards. Nearby were the ruins of the lodge, across from which was a half-completed new building, begun with the money from Sir Charles' South African mining exploits. The main road leading from the gate to the house was lined with old trees, which formed a tunnel leading to the main building. Around back of the main building a yew alley led from the house to the moor, where Sir Charles' body was found. The house contained a fine collection of family portraits, including works by Sir Godfrey Kneller and Sir Joshua Reynolds.

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