Bart James
The Adventures of Shirley Holmes
Bart James
Vital statistics
Sex Male
Behind the scenes
Appearances The Adventures of Shirley Holmes
Portrayed by Blair Slater

Bartholemew "Bart" James is a Canadian teenager who attends Sussex Academy along with Shirley Holmes and Bo Sawchuk.

Bart is a shy boy and a bit of a "nerd". During the school election his idea of a winning campaign platform was "new keyboards and modems for the computer club". Needless to say he is a little out of touch with the masses. Bart is an avid admirer of Shirley and her detective skills.

He is in awe of her and respects her, but also finds her (and most of the world) intimidating. Sometimes Shirley will give him a simple task to do - but it always amazes her how someone as smart as Bart can still find a way to muck everything up. But there's something ingratiating about him. Besides, he is an expert on the supernatural. If you need to know about UFO's, crop circles, paranormal experiences, ESP or alien abductions - Bart's your man.

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