Anthony Pistone
Vital statistics
Sex Male
Nationality American
Family Unnamed brother
Unnamed daughter
Occupation Contractor
Behind the scenes
Appearances "Dead Man's Switch"
Portrayed by Joseph Siravo

Anthony Pistone is the father of a victim in Elementary. He owned a contracting company, along with his brother.

Before the start of the story, Pistone's stepdaughter was raped by Brent Garvey. Charles Augustus Milverton used a recording of this to blackmail him. Eventually, Pistone confronted Milverton and punched him, giving his a cross shaped scar with his ring. Milverton is able to stop him by offering a piece of his business.

Later, when Sherlock is infiltrating Milverton's apartment, Pistone breaks in. Joan alerts Sherlock who hides in the bathroom. Pistone guns down Milverton and takes the laptop, but Sherlock does not see his face because of a ski mask.

When Pistone is arrested, Sherlock notes that he is the right body type as the man who broke into Milverton's home. Pistone claims that he paid Milverton in cash, followed him to his apartment, and killed him. He also claims to have destroyed the laptop, threw it in the dumpster, and when the police caught him he stomped Milverton's face in a rage.

However, after Sherlock finds Milverton's partner Stuart Bloom dead, he becomes suspicious when he realises that the blackmail notices came even though Milverton and Bloom have been dead. 

Sherlock confronts Pistone at the station, being ready to be released from jail after what he did to Milverton. He states that Pistone really stomped on Milverton's face to cover up the facial scar. When Pistone protests that many people in New York have the same ring, Gregson says they found Milverton's laptop at Pistone's office, not smashed, as he said it had been. It was in the desk of his brother, who confessed to helping and sending the note to Ken; Gregson also notes that a quick talk with Pistone's neighbours confirmed that he actually had a very poor relationship with his stepdaughter. Pistone was subsequently sent back to prison for blackmail, among other charges.

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