Sherlock (2010)
Sherlock Angelo
Vital statistics
Sex Male
Nationality British

Italian (Pilot)

Occupation Restaurant owner
Behind the scenes
Appearances "Unaired Pilot"
"A Study in Pink"
Portrayed by Stanley Townsend
Joseph Long

Angelo is the owner of a London restaurant. He greets Sherlock and John after they visit his restaurant whilst waiting for the cabbie to fall for their texting trick.[1]

He is overjoyed to see Sherlock in his restaurant and even goes as far as to hug a nonplussed Sherlock. He says that a couple of years ago Sherlock cleared him as a suspect in, what is described as, two horrific murders which Lestrade and the police thought he had committed. Sherlock cleared him by proving that Angelo was on the other side of London stealing a car. Sherlock replies that he cleared his name a bit as Angelo was arrested for the robbery.

He is under the impression that Sherlock is at the restaurant on a date with John, despite the insistence from John, and brings them a candle for the table. When Sherlock asks for his help with the case he is more than willing and seems to admire Sherlock's acting skills as he pretends to stumble towards the cab so drunk he cannot speak properly.[2]

Angelo is last seen returning John's cane to him at the downstairs door in Baker Street, as in his haste to accompany Sherlock, the doctor left it at his restaurant.



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