Andrew Mittal
Vital statistics
Sex Male
Died February 5th, 2015
Behind the scenes
Appearances "Enough Nemesis To Go Around"

"Just a Regular Irregular" "Bella" "Hemlock"

Portrayed by Raza Jaffrey

Andrew Mittal was Joan Watson's boyfriend in Season 3. His sudden death led her to reappraise her life, and move back into the brownstone with Sherlock.

Sherlock displayed considerable jealousy early in the Andrew-Joan relationship, but seemed to understand after some time that the other man was important to Watson as more than just a sexual partner. Sherlock did, however, continue to want the detective work to take precedence, something which Joan, as she contemplated a life with someone else, appeared less and less sure of.

Andrew gave the impression that he was well acquainted with Sherlock's personality and drives, and did not show signs of being threatened by the detective partnership, or the demands it made on Joan. He was a highly intelligent but rather self-effacing man, in many ways the opposite of Sherlock, with seemingly neither talent nor inclination for manipulation.

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