Aloysius Doran
Vital statistics
Sex Male
Nationality American
Children Hatty Doran (Daughter)
Family Francis Hay Moulton (Son-in-Law)
Behind the scenes
Appearances "The Adventure of the Noble Bachelor"

Aloysius Doran from San Francisco is the father of Hatty Doran.

He made his fortune in gold mines. But the money probably went to his head, because he broke off the engagement between his daughter and a poor miner Francis Moulton and took her to San Francisco. Unknown to him, his daughter married Moulton in secret. Moulton went away to gain his own fortune and Hatty stayed with her father to wait for her husband. After Francis Moulton was reported dead, Hatty got engage to Lord St Simon, which Aloysius approved of (which is ironic, consider that Lord St Simon isn't a very wealthy man). Hatty was given a million dollars in dowry, and Aloysius bought a house in England, where the wedding breakfast took place after the ceremony, but the bride dissappeared from the house.

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