Alicia Gianelli
The Adventures of Shirley Holmes
Alicia Gianelli
Vital statistics
Sex Female
Nationality Canadian
Occupation School Student
Behind the scenes
Appearances The Adventures of Shirley Holmes
Portrayed by Annick Obonsawin

Alicia Gianelli is a Canadian teenager who attends Sussex Academy along with Shirley Holmes and Bo Sawchuk. Her dad is the Italian Ambassador in Redington and her mother is a native American.

She is the closest thing Shirley has to a best girlfriend in her class and they get along well (even though Shirley cannot begin to understand Alicia's obsession with boys). Alicia and Shirley have shared many a boring time at the seemingly endless diplomatic functions their fathers are required to attend.

Her mixed lineage has given Alicia the taste for expensive fashion and parties,coupled with a recognition of ancient cultures and traditions of her maternal ancestors. She accepts people as she finds them and is always lots of fun however, she also bows out easily to peer pressure and gossip and appears more simple-minded and materialistic than Shirley is.

Character history

Alicia first appeared in "The Case of the Ruby Ring". Alicia is a good friend of Shirley and Bo, and she works at the Quazar Cafe, often mixing up orders of her customers.

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