A Study in Scarlet

Series 2, Episode 3

BBC 68 a study in scarlet title card
Air Date September 23, 1968
Writer Hugh Leonard (dramatisation)
Director Henri Safran
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Previous "The Dancing Men"
Next "The Hound of the Baskervilles"

A Study in Scarlet is the third episode of the second series of the BBC's 1960s TV series Sherlock Holmes. The episode is based on the eponymous novel.


Actor Role
Peter Cushing Sherlock Holmes
Nigel Stock Doctor Watson
Joe Melia Joey Daly
George A. Cooper inspector Gregson
William Lucas inspector Lestrade
Edina Ronay Alice Charpentier
Larry Cross Jefferson Hope
Craig Hunter Enoch J. Drebber
Dorothy Edwards Madame Charpentier
Larry Dann Arthur Charpentier
Edward Bishop Joseph Stangerson
Michael Segal police constable Rance
Henry Kay commissionaire
Grace Arnold Mrs. Hudson
Tony McLaren Wiggins
Michael Goldie police constable Murcher
Joe Gladwin hotel porter
Freddie Earlle cab driver

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