A Scandal in Bohemia

Season 1, Episode 1

1984 Scandal
Air Date 24 April, 1984
Writer Alexander Baron
Director Paul Annett
Previous N/A
Next "The Dancing Men"

"A Scandal in Bohemia" is the first episode of the first series of Sherlock Holmes, based on the eponymous short story.


Sherlock Holmes is hired by the King of Bohemia to retrieve a compromising photograph from a certain lady. The King has tried to purchase the photo and even hired burglars to retrieve it, but without success. The woman in question is the very beautiful Irene Adler, an opera singer. She has made no demands of the King so it does not seem that blackmail is her intent. Using various disguises, Holmes learns as much about the woman as he can and is surprised when, after following her to a church, he finds that she has married a barrister. Holmes stages a bit of theatre to get her to divulge the location of the photo but he discovers he has met his match in both daring and intellect.


Actor Role
Jeremy Brett Sherlock Holmes
David Burke Doctor Watson
Gayle Hunnicutt Irene Adler
Wolf Kahler The King of Bohemia
Michael Carter Godfrey Norton
Rosalie Williams Mrs Hudson
Tessa Worsley Mrs Willard
Max Faulkner John
Will Tacey clergyman
Tom Watt
Paul Elsam
David Bauckham
Edward York
big men
John Graham-Davies young man
John Carr burglar


  • Promo
  • Numerous attempts have been made to rob a lady. These burglars, like their predecessors, are caught in the act
  • Opera singer and actress Irene Adler (Gayle Hunnicutt)
  • When visiting Holmes, Watson thinks that his friend is using cocaine again
  • Sherlock Holmes (Jeremy Brett) tells Dr Watson (David Burke) he is excited because he received a letter from an unknown visitor
  • The King of Bohemia (Wolf Kahler) visits Holmes telling Sherlock that he is an agent for a wealthy client
  • The King of Bohemia and Irene
  • Holmes, in disguise, follows Irene and Godfrey Norton to a church. They are to be married and he is the witness
  • Irene has the clergyman conveyed into the house where she tends to him. With Tessa Worsley as Mrs Willard
  • Holmes refuses a heavy emerald encrusted ring but accepts Irene's photograph as payment for his services

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