3 Lauriston Gardens
Number 3, Lauriston Gardens
Vital statistics
Location London, England
Position Single-family house
Appearances A Study in Scarlet

Number 3, Lauriston Gardens is a house located off the Brixton Road in London. It is the site where the body of Enoch Drebber is found.


Number 3 had a particularly morose and neglected look, made worse by its abandonment. The house is one of four that sits back from the main road, and is one of the two that are vacant. It was at least two, and possibly three, stories tall, as it had three tiers of windows on the façade (Watson does not specify whether this includes dormers on the roof). In front of the house was a small garden sparsely planted with sickly plants. The garden was surrounded by a low brick wall with wooden pickets on top, and a clay and gravel footpath lead from the street to the front door.

Inside, the house was just as dreary as its exterior suggested. The front door of the house opened onto a small passageway with openings into the kitchen and an office. There were also two doors at the left and right, one of which had been locked for a very long time and the other one of which led into the dining room. The dining room itself was large and square, with vulgar, mildewed wallpaper that was peeling in many places. The room was centered on a showy fireplace with a mantle of imitation marble. The whole place was coated in a thick layer of dust due to the long time it had been unoccupied.


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