221B Baker Street
Location in Sherlock Holmes
Vital statistics
Location Baker Street, London, England
Position Terraced house
Owner Mrs Hudson
Sherlock Holmes
John Watson
Appearances Sherlock Holmes (Granada)

221B Baker Street is the home and detective workplace of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. John Watson in London. Mrs Hudson is the landlady of the place.

Behind the scenes

In the ITV/Granada Television adaptations, Baker Street and several adjacent streets are represented by a detailed period backlot, purpose-built for the series at Granada Studios in Manchester during the early 1980s. In addition to this main backlot, several smaller backlots were also built to represent generic Victorian era London streets and alleys. [1] Between 1988 and 1999, the Sherlock Holmes backlots were open to the public, as part of the Granada Studios Tour.


  • The theme in the series' opening titles also represents the leitmotif of Baker Street and Holmes' residence at 221B Baker Street.


  • A general view of the main room at Holmes' and Watson's 221B Baker Street flat
  • The windows, curtains and furniture of the main room in the evening
  • Holmes' ever-busy desk in the main room ("The Bruce Partington Plans")
  • Holmes doing lab work during the events of "The Dancing Men"
  • Supper at Christmas Eve, after solving "The Blue Carbuncle" case
  • Watson and Holmes conversing during "The Crooked Man" investigation
  • Holmes, Mrs Hudson and Watson in the main room ("The Bruce Partington Plans")
  • Holmes striking an eccentric, jovial pose in front of the fireplace
  • Mrs Hudson handing Holmes a new letter ("The Bruce Partington Plans")
  • Holmes deep in thought at 221B
  • 221B Baker Street in the evening
  • Holmes relaxing with a smoking pipe in his favourite wicker chair
  • Holmes in front of the entrance to 221B Baker Street
  • Holmes briefing his helpers, the Baker Street Irregulars

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