1994 Baker Street: Sherlock Holmes Returns is a 1993 CBS television film written and directed by Kenneth Johnson. It stars Anthony Higgins as Sherlock Holmes.


Sherlock Holmes is awakened in modern times from suspended animation as a result of an earthquake. He is aided in his recovery by Dr Amy Winslow, who lives in Baker Street in San Francisco. Holmes pits his wits against the descendants of the Moriarty family, led by James Moriarty Booth. He is also aided by a new group of Baker Street Irregulars led by Zapper.


  • Anthony Higgins - Sherlock Holmes
  • Debrah Farentino - Amy Winslow
  • Ken Pogue - James Moriarty Booth
  • Kerry Sandomirsky - Mrs Ortega
  • Mark Adair-Rios - Zapper


  • The film was made as a pilot for a TV series, but the series never went into production.
  • In 1987, CBS produced a TV film with a very similar premise, The Return of Sherlock Holmes, featuring a cryogenically reanimated Holmes.
  • As well as portraying Sherlock Holmes here, Anthony Higgins starred as Professor Rathe (Moriarty) in Young Sherlock Holmes.

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